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Purple Rose massage oil

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Purple Rose massage oil

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Treat yourself with Volatile! The Purple Rose massage oil provides optimal care and circulation for the skin and also has an aphrodisiac effect. It has a pleasant, subtle aroma  and consists of 90% almond oil and 10% jojoba. The skin absorbs the oil quickly and only a little goes a long way. Since it is not water-based, the oil lasts a long time and doesn't evaporate or leave the skin feeling cool.
Purple Rose Series
Rose oil is one of the most well-known and most expensive essential oils. This is understandable when you consider that to make 1.5 liters of rose oil, almost 1 000 kg of rose petals are needed. Purple Rose skin care products contain a synergy of different essential oils that bring back the natural elasticity and luster of the skin.

Purple Rose products consist of: 
  • Rose, Turkey - a delicately fragrant rose oil from Turkey. This oil has an invigorating effect, is good against stress, wrinkles and dry skin.  
  • Rose Geranium from Egypt - with a slightly stronger aroma and excellent nurturing qualities 
  • Rosewood from Brazil - a relaxing oil with a fine aroma and excellent skin care properties, among others against acne
Ideal for dry, sensitive and irritated skin.
All products are free of preservatives such as parabenes and parrafin. 

Warning: possible fire hazard

Oily sheets when not completely washed out, can ignite in the clothes dryer. We recommend using special detergent for this purpose (e.g. wuwei Blau Laundry Detergent). Oil stains and smells in the sheets can also be avoided or reduced by using a special detergent, from the very first wash.

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