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Blau Laundry Detergent, WellTouch

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Blau Laundry Detergent, WellTouch

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This special laundry detergent  removes the most stubborn oils and scents from your sheets and towels. The tensides contained in this soap are biodegradable. It contains no bleach. Simply add Wuwei Blau to the regular laundry detergent in your washing machine.
  •     add WellTouch Blau  to the pre-wash of your laundry. Dosage: approx. 25 - 30 ml per kg of laundry
  •      Wash the fabrics with pre-wash at the highest possible temperature (please read the instructions for the laundry)
  •      The best washing results are achieved at 70 ° C


Time for a new look: Wuwei supplies are now Welltouch

Like many things in life, sometimes it’s time to let go of the old to make room for the new. This is how we feel about our brand Wuwei. After having had two brands for professional practice use in our product range in recent years - Wuwei and WellTouch - we would now like to streamline our product range. So we are merging the two brands and in the future will offer our supplies under the registered brand name WellTouch.

The new name does not just simplify our concept. We find it gives our products a fresh, modern look and better describes what the brand stands for: massage, wellness and the art of healing, soothing touch. Thus WellTouch.

We will begin with the Wuwei massage oils. Gradually, we will then give all our massage and therapy supplies with the name WellTouch. But don’t worry: the usual good quality will not change in the future. WellTouch should continue to be your first choice when it comes to high-quality products for the practice needs of massage professionals, wellness specialists and body-care professionals.

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