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Coconut Oil · organic quality

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Coconut Oil · organic quality

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√ virgin
√ cold-pressed
√ organic

Coconut oil is an all-round talent, it has both nutritional and cosmetic benefits: it is ideal as a cosmetic care product for skin and hair, conditioning, protecting and moisturizing and an excellent supplement for a healthy diet.

According to recent studies, virgin coconut oil (not to be confused with industrially processed coconut fat) is a valuable addition to a healthy diet.
It is now being hailed by many as the new Superfood.

Although coconut oil is almost 90% saturated fat, about 50% of these are the rarely occurring lauric acid. Studies confirm these have a positive influence on cholesterol levels(by increasing the concentration of the vascular protective HDL-cholesterol in the blood). Lauric acid also has an antimicrobial effect.
Lauric acid is a medium chain fatty acid (MCT or „medium chain triglycerides"). These are metabolized more quickly by the body than long-chain fatty acids, and also increase the energy consumption of the body.

Due to its solid consistency (liquid only from 26°C) coconut oil is ideally suited as an ointment base.

Warning - risk of fire:
Oil soaked rags can spontaneously ignite in the tumble dryer when the oil is not completely washed out.

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