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10 Bags (2 pcs. each) Herbal Compresses WellTouch (face) 80 g

10 Bags (2 pcs. each) Herbal Compresses WellTouch (face) 80 g

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A facial treatment with herbal compresses leaves you with a rosy, glowing complexion and silky smooth skin. The special herbal mixture nourishes the tissue, increases the blood supply to tired, dry or sensitive skin and is a gentle exfoliater or peeling to remove dead cells.

How to use:

  1. Moisten the herbal compress with a little water.
  2. Heat the compress in a steam bath for approx. 20 min. e.g. in a rice cooker
  3. The hot compress is then applied punctually to the acupressure points. (First check the temperature on your inner arm!) 
  4. When the herbal compress has cooled slightly but is still warm, it can be used to stroke the whole body and face; varying the pressure according to the need. When the compress has completely cooled off, switch to the second compress.

tamarindus indica leaf, curcuma longa root, curcuma zedoaria root, calcium carbonate, citrus hystrix leaf, acacia concinna leaf, pandanus amaryllifolius leaf, coccinia grandis leaf, bauhinia acuminata leaf, aloe barbadensis leaf, citrus hystrix peel, camphor

100% naturally herbal - contains no dyes, preservatives or additives.

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