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Hardwood massage tool PRISMA

Hardwood massage tool PRISMA

6-cornered prism shape
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The special shape allows the massage tool to work on 3 triggerpoints at the same time. It can be rolledover the arms or legs with varying pressure. The changing pressure achieved through the rolling action has a positve effect on the triggerpoints
Particularly useful on the legs and arms.

Size: 5.5 x 5.5 cm

Finding triggerpoints on the arms, legs and back:

When you palpate the muscles you may notice that some points are more sensitive. Often you can even feel the trigger points, they feel like small knots or hard bands. Begin the massage with the massage stick by very slowly increasing the pressure, pressing on the triggerpoint for approxiamately 30 seconds, After a short pause, repeat. The massage stick is an excellent tool for working deeply without much effort on the part of the therapist. 


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