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3 Massage balls for myofascial release, Ø approx. 6,5 cm

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3 Massage balls for myofascial release, Ø approx. 6,5 cm

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A versatile and easy to use tool designed to ease  muscular tension all over the body. Instructions inside show how to use the balls and their different degrees of
hardness on the trigger points on your back.

To access the trigger points on your back, lie down on your back, relax and place the ball under one of the corresponding points on your back by using the ball with the appropriate ­colour/hardness. Then gently move your body slightly back and forth as slowly as possible. The massage ball can also be used to work on other body parts like your gluteus, the bottoms of your feet, your arms or hands by applying a very slow rolling massage over the mentioned areas while standing, sitting or lying down.

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