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Professionals prefer Oakworks

(Sorry, we don't ship Oakworks products to Switzerland, as they have their own Oakworks representantive)

Oakworks Drop Test with full working weight"Drop Test" with full working weightOakworks Total table test with 3 tons weightTotal table test with 3 tons weightOakworks Pounding testPounding testOakworks Pro testingOakworks Pro testing
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5 years Oakworks guarantee!

  • 5 years warranty on all treatment tables (2 years on The One), Portal Pro and Desktop Portal on the supporting structures against defects in materials or craftsmanship
  • 5 years warranty on upholstery and padding (2 years on The One)
  • 3 years warranty on electrical components
  • 1 year warranty on Face Rest, Face Rest Cozy, Arm Hammock, Table Fleece and on all other accessories
  • 1 year warranty Spa Trolley, Hot Towel Cabi, Table Cart

Excluded from guarantee are:

damages that originate from faulty use, accidents, use for other than the destined purposes, carelessness and normal wear and tear.
The guarantee expires with arbitrary changes and repairs to the product. In this case we also refuse liability for any damage that might follow.

High quality – down to the details

The name OAKWORKS stands for high quality manual processing and intelligent solutions down to the last details.

Great Choice, custom-made solutions, sophisticated accessories

14 different models in 7 different sizes, 5 different height options, 4 different paddings and 20 different colors – this wide choice is unique!

Strong Testing, constant improvement

All products have been strictly tested by independent engineers before they are put up for sale. In tests machines simulate the real mechanical stress that the material has to bear in daily life. All folding tables as well as the Portal Pro carry the US quality sign "UL-listed". All specified working weights are proofed data. You can load your massage table/chair fully with the quoted working weight.

Environmentally friendly materials

OAKWORKS verwendet weitgehendst naturverträgliche Werkstoffe, z.B. FCKW-freie Schaumstoffe und wiederaufforstbare Hölzer. OAKWORKS verzichtet vollständig auf die Verwendung von PVC. Das neue Bezugsmaterial Terra TouchTM wird umweltschonend hergestellt, enthält keine Weichmacher und ist vollständig recyclebar.

As far as possible Oakworks uses earth-friendly materials, such as PVC-free foam (PVC= polyvinyl chloride) and sustainable woods. The woods are not stained but treated in specially designed spray booths that filter all overspray and return clean air to the environment. TerraTouch, the standard upholstery that Oakworks uses, contains no PVC's or heavy metals - so it is more environmentally friendly than the standard fabric that most table companies offer.

Further info on the upholstery materials can be found here.

Comprehensive Customer Service

You can rely on us – before the purchase as well as after the purchase! We provide spare parts for your table on short notice and usually up until 5 years after the discontinuation of a product.

Long Durability

Even 10 years after purchase, Oakworks products are as comfortable, stable and aesthetic as on the day they were built.

Please compare:

an Oakworks massage table with more than 10 years life expectancy costs you about 40,- to 45,- EUR on average per year of use. A cheap table for EUR 300,- purchase price which lasts for about 5 years costs you EUR 60,- per year of use – 40% till 50% more.


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